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Disclaimer & Terms of Use

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Refunds & Guarantees Policy

We do not offer or will provide anyone with a refund or money-back guarantee. Spiritual work is not an exact science, so it’s impossible to offer any kind of guarantee. Our services are based upon our faith and religion. A client does not have to share our beliefs to request our services, but he/she does need faith and positive energy directed towards our work in order for the spell(s) request to manifest with a good outcome. If a client does not possess these requirements, spell work will not come out successful, or may take much longer to see results.

Therefore, NO REFUNDS, RETURNS OR EXCHANGES WILL BE GIVEN on any and all services and products provided by Mango Variety Shop, Inc., This is non-negotiable and is directed towards any purchases made online, by mail, in-person or by phone. Once a client has made payment and services and/or products have been rendered to them, we cannot provide them a refund, return or exchange whatsoever on any services or products provided. This is our policy, and if this is something you cannot comply with, please do not use our services, as we do not alter our policies for anyone for any reason.

Spiritual Services Disclaimer

All services provided are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only, and they cannot and will not be substituted for professional, legal, medical or emergency help. If you are suffering from emotional issues, health complications, financial problems or legal concerns, please contact your local and registered professional immediately for further assistance.

We cannot be held responsible for any actions taken or consequences that may occur, if you choose to contact and use the services of Mango Variety Shop, Inc.,, instead of seeking out professional help. All services from Mango Variety Shop, Inc.,, shall be used at the client’s own risk. There are no warranties or guarantees available for any advice, spiritual services/spell-casting or consulting provided by Mango Variety Shop, Inc.,

Psychic Readings and spiritual healing/spell-castings are for entertainment, curio and spiritual purposes only. The client fully exercises their own free will and judgment to accept or reject any advice given to them. Any actions or decisions made by client that is based on the guidance given are the sole responsibility of the client and we will not be held liable in any way.

Our Spell-casting Code of Ethics

Our spell results can manifest anywhere from 3-90 days or longer. Result time frames will vary depending on your unique situation (spells are customized to your specific needs), and how well you can listen to our guidance and instructions during the spell-casting process. On average, light to moderate cases may see results in 3-10 days, and severe and difficult cases may see results in 14-90 days or longer.
We put our heart in each and every spell request that we accept, and we work very hard for our clients to give them the results that they desire. However, on rare occasions, our spells will not manifest properly and results may be delayed.

Sometimes spell results can be delayed because of the following reasons:

A.A client is not following our guidance or instructions properly during the spell-casting process.
B.The client does not possess enough faith or trust into the spell-work or our abilities (which can cause complications, because spell work requires a lot of positive energy in order to work and show results.)
C.There was a possible miscalculation on our part (if this is the case, we will re-cast the spell at no extra charge to the client)
D.The client’s case may just prove to be very difficult and will require more time and spell/ritual work to be done before any positive changes can take place. Spell-castings are more of an art form and NOT an exact science, so these things can take time, in some instances.

Even though a spell result may be delayed, it does not cause any harm or does not mean it is not working or will not work in the future. In some cases, it just may require some time for the spell(s) to manifest appropriately into your environment.
As always, your faith and good attitude towards the spell work is a huge determining factor to the success of your spell cast. Please try and work with us if you can be very positive during this process.

Client Termination & Refusal of Services Disclaimer

Mango Variety Shop, Inc., has the rights to refuse service to anyone at anytime for ANY REASON that we may deem appropriate. We will NOT tolerate harassive, threatening, difficult or demeaning behavior from any clients or potential customers.

If a client or potential customer is expressing rude, demanding, aggressive or nagging behavior towards Mango Variety Shop, Inc.,, we have the rights to terminate and refuse services instantly. Once we have made the decision to terminate/refuse services, it is final and there’s nothing you can say or do that will alter our final decision. We do not take back or will ever take back any clients or cases, which have been refused or terminated.

If you are a pre-existing client and your case has been terminated, we will NOT BE HELD FINANCIALLY OBLIGATED TO YOU, WHATSOEVER. You will not receive a refund, return or an exchange from any purchases made to Mango Variety Shop, Inc., If this is something you cannot accept, we suggest to not using our services.


  • If the client is heckling, nagging, or is constantly calling, emailing, or tries to disturb Mango Variety Shop, Inc.,, in an incessantly fashion, about their case. We will deemed this kind of behavior as obsessive, compulsive and undesirable and terminate their case immediately. We cannot work in a positive or successful manner if a client is showcasing these kinds of disruptive behaviors. These types of clients can put their case and other clients’ cases in danger, due to the constant disturbance and impatience of the client.
  • If a client presents themselves to be very rude, difficult, non-cooperative, threatening, demanding or aggressive to Mango Variety Shop, Inc., We have a zero tolerance for client belligerence and will cease all services, consulting, psychic readings, spell-casting services, etc. immediately from this type of client. No exceptions.
  • Psychic Addiction. We will terminate all services if we determine a client has become too dependent or reliant on psychic and spiritual services. Our services are meant to enlighten, empower, and guide people in their lives, but sometimes clients can become all too dependent on a psychic’s advice or counsel, which is not healthy. We do not wish to harbor these kinds of clients, and we will en services and connections with client immediately.
  • If a client threatens to post or has post negative reviews and comments, or tries to make reports regarding Mango Variety Shop, Inc., We deemed this type of action as aggressive and threatening, and we will cease client services immediately. We work with every client to make sure that they are satisfied and services rendered. However, there are some clients that wish to unfairly slander/libel our good name and reputation, instead of working out any disagreements that they may have.

    In the case of a client performing such acts, we have the rights to take any and all legal actions against them, in the court of law, for any type of slander, libel, defamation, and negative reports/comments, etc. that is written, spoken or used against us. We may sue for legal damages of upwards of $300,000.00 or more, per incident. It is our right to protect our company, so WE WILL TAKE ANY AND ALL LEGAL ACTIONS AGAINST YOU, if necessary.
  • A client that is difficult to work with, lacks faith or positiveness, whom doesn’t take instructions or guidance well, or refuses to follow through with any of the guidance given to them. This type of client will not be acceptable, as all attempts to help the client will be futile. If a client simply refuses to follow the program, rules, policies or guidelines of our services, we will end service/close their case immediately.
  • Refusing to fulfill financial obligation. Clients will sometimes make payment arrangements for our services. They are expected to fulfill their payment obligation, once they have made the agreement with Mango Variety Shop, Inc., If they fail to complete payments or fulfill their financial obligation to their services agreement, we will terminate services and will close their case immediately. No refunds on partial payments will be given, after termination and/or failure to meet financial obligations.

Privacy Policy

Information that you provide to Mango Variety Shop, Inc., is held under the strictest of confidentiality. No information will be released to any without your permission. Your contact information WILL NOT be sold or shared to any third party companies for solicitation. Be advised that all calls that are made to Mango Variety Shop, Inc., may be recorded and monitored for our quality assurance purposes and kept on file as reference in our archives.


NOTICE OF AGREEMENT OF TERMS OF USE & DISCLAIMER: By participating in any services from our site ( or contacting its owners, you herby fully accept these above terms of use & disclaimer, without any objection and will abide by rules, accordingly. Please also note that these terms can be changed at anytime, without prior or further notice to you. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with our terms, in which you may need to read this disclaimer page on a frequent basis, if necessary.